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February 02, 2012



No, I don't think it's detachment parenting. It's perfect.


I like my needs met without struggle and to go off wandering, too. Now I know why I've been so ornery.

Nah, detachment parenting? Nah... you know better! that's called free-range parenting and it's all the rage these days and, in my opinion, it's the direction most attachment parenting folks turn to because their APed kids are so securely attached that they become more independent than other kids. There's even this well known blog "free range kids."

Free rang i the very opposite of "helicopter parenting" which, IMHO is not AT ALL related to AP!

Oh, I have a blogging friend who refers to this as "benign neglect" and I love that expression too.

Hey, you have free range chickens & kids!! ;)

P.S. talking of your mom, he book is in my wishlist at Amazon. I'm sure it's just beautiful. I hope I get it someday. Lately I buy books & they go unread and the backlog is growing. :(

HER book, not he book! :(

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