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February 09, 2012


Jo, I love you. The Matthew Barney ending: you squirm around on the floor in a puddle of blood and black crumbs. For three hours. In one unbroken shot. The Lars von Trier ending: a local band of Slow Food activists come and drag you away to lynch you in the town square. Then your toilet overflows. The Harmony Korine ending: a group of developmentally-disabled adults come and scrape up all the blood, crumbs and rogue Q-Tips off of the floor, bake NEW cookies with them and sell them door-to-door to the disturbed inhabitants of a backwater town. I could go on...

Have Sean call an exorcist sooner rather than later. You are possessed by the mad spirit of Antonin Artaud. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jet_of_Blood

WEEPING, Jul. Weeping here.

Dan, you know a good one?

I'm so glad that you have started writing again. Thank you for the imagery. It's got me laughing.

I have to sell GS cookies with my daughter this weekend. I may never look at a box of Thin Mints the same way again.

I hope the grout in those tiles was glazed.

Enjoyed this post, would probably enjoy the theoretical film. But must say, to commenter Jul - Very, very, funny!


I'm so confused. How could I not have come by here? Did you say you weren't posting at some point? What kind of madness would keep me away otherwise? (But why am I blaming you and not taking responsibility for my own actions.)

The craziest thing: I cannot eat Girl Scout Cookies. My husband is deep, deep in the throes of inability to resist and hilariously befuddled by it saying things in innocent confusion like 'we have to get rid of these!' I am saying 'why are they so good?' And he is trying to capture the goodness 'they melt in your mouth! There's fat, there's sugar...'

I can stand apart with a kind of faux self discipline and adult-seemingness but of course I do this with a million OTHER things.

I will tell him your little movie of the psyche and see if it does him any good.

snozma -- Yes, back after hiatus! You've only got about a month's worth to flip back through, so.

I think the main appeal of Girl Scout cookies is their mock scarcity.

Rather: they aren't all that good, honestly. Except for the unparalleled sensory appeal (to me) of an unending stack of waxy sugary discs that I can shove entire into my mouth, wedge between my teeth, crack and pulverize (the powder beneath the wax! Oh yes!), and then...there are more and more.

It's not a matter of delicious cookies because truly they are not. For me it's the oral sensory experience.

In searching for this:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKNYXqjA4FA&feature=plcp&context=C34b5be3UDOEgsToPDskJygFTSAGEu3TNPAfBe_izk , I discovered this:

Both are quite related I think, though your idea is obviously way more Williamsburg chic.

Wait, is that last part a compliment or an indictment?

Also, KATE FUCKING HARDING. Good lord I love her.

First of all, that movie needs to be made. I'll shoot it myself on my blackberry if I have to.

Second, I think it should end with you glassy-eyed and staring into the mess of your ravenous womanhood. Then you should either shed a single tear, or vomit spectacularly. I can't decide.

Those are things I try to do on a regular basis, so we can shoot both and decide later.

Thanks so much for participating in this and for spreading the words!

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