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February 12, 2012


No answers, just sympathy. I've been there, and it is ridiculously hard. Somehow you get through it, though who the hell knows where it comes from. Best luck to you and I hope your kiddos start feeling better very soon.

Good luck. And yes, it's good practice for the future. I have a feeling you may go dark on and off if you do get into nursing school. My husband has 14 days left of nursing school. He left a marketing career when he was 32 to go back to school to get his BSN. It has been 4 looooooong years. Most of it spent with his nose in a book, or working as a PCA to cut his tuition costs, or meeting with a study group, or in a sims or anatomy lab. 14 days left.... Ah, my point is when I read that you're just at the possible beginning of this same journey I want to warn you, it's 10x harder than you think it will be. And 10x more rewarding. Good luck! My husband is taking 1 year off and then going back for his masters to be a nurse practitioner. When you are in it for the right reasons and truly love it, even when it's insanely hard it's worth it. Or so he says.

I have no answers for you, but it looks as if you already have 'em anyway. Look at the horrid weekend you've just had, and the yucky week ahead. And yet: here you are, making things on this here blog. The way I see it, all you really have to do is show up.

Yep, Jo's so fly all's she has to do is show up. Damn. Lucky Bitch.

And this, from Ariel Gore:
And so it goes. There are children to be raised, money to be earned, wine to drink, movies, to watch, lovers to kiss. When do I write? I write when I can.

(Did I tell you she wrote a blurb for my chapbook??)

Holy CRAP, Melissa! I did NOT know that! Congratulations!

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