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April 04, 2012


that is really sad. I hope it ends up being a good lesson. Why do the ones we like the best die? I don't get that.

me too.


Aww, I'm so sorry about your little chicken, that really stinks.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry. 20-some years ago, when my cousin was a sweet little girl that loved animals, she was hugging and cuddling a duckling. She hugged it a little too hard, realized what had happened, and announced in her innocent little voice "I killed a duck." She was pretty sad about it, but it's interesting how after all this time, that story is one that will ALWAYS stick with her. And in a way, sad as it is, it helps define her childhood as a time filled with abundant love, farm animals, and innocence.

I think your story will end up like that too--crappy things happen, but they wouldn't even be an option if amazing things like raising chickens and playing hide and seek with them and having a little wilderness to explore in the backyard didn't happen.

I've been raising chickens for eggs and meat for a few years now. Of the hundreds of chickens we've raised, we've lost dozens for various reasons (predators, illness, idiotic meat birds that DROWN THEMSELVES IN PUDDLES). It sucks every single time. But the payoff of raising our own food and caring for sweet birds is worth it.

So very sorry to hear about poor Emma. Good luck tomorrow.

I'm sorry, Jo.

Ouch, that is tough. :(

When I was 3, my brother and I were playing way too roughly with our kittens, and I ran at one *trying to scare it* and stepped on it and broke its leg. The memory still makes me writhe in guilt, even though I probably appeared unconcerned at the time, and I know I lied to my mother about the deliberateness of the act. So I wouldn't rule Daphne out as taking a lesson away from it. (The kitten did well after being casted, though I don't know if her personality suffered, since she was adopted away.)

You can't be checking under every bucket all the time nor can you have your eyes glued to your 3-year-old. This stuff has to happen sometimes.

oh, I'm so sorry! especially because she was your favorite chicken. :( How did Daphne react in the morning? Did she say anything?

Oh poor Emma! Poor Jo! That must feel so sad, sorry for your loss....

We have chickens and my children watched me purposely kill our young rooster last summer b/c we cannot have roosters & he was terrorizing the new hen. She was supposed to be his replacement, I was going to try and rehome him, but he was being so nasty that first day and dh was out of town, so the task fell to me. My three year old actually pulled up one of her little outdoor chairs to sit and watch. That was pretty bizarre. She mentions it now and then, but was not traumatized & knows it is part of chicken life. She also saw one of the older chicks get killed by a hawk and knows that one adult chicken was almost killed by a hawk. Sad to hear about your chicken, it sucks!

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