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April 05, 2012


Delurking to say that essure (titanium coils in the tubage) has been working beautifully for me for going on 8 years. Once those suckers are scarred closed, though, there's no going back. There wouldn't be enough unscarred tube left to splice together if you changed your mind. You do have to endure an HSG test after the coils are in and given enough time to scar up, but it wasn't that bad for me. In other news, it would have absolutely no effect on polycystic ovaries or endometriosis or anything like that. Nor would it do anything to regulate flow. You'd be at the mercy of your hormones to determine your cycle length and heaviness. I'm so lucky (not) that my cycle naturally runs 25-26 days...woohoo, extra periods. Good luck with whatever method you choose. Ok...now I'll shaddup and go back to lurking.

An ultrasound too? Stop! You're hogging all of the fun!

As a fellow PCOS-er, can I ask what your objection to birth control pills is? I'm just curious.

Kandi, I am definitely considering Essure. I'm really glad to hear your experience.

Amanda, my problem with BCPs is that they mask any underlying hormone problems. My biggest concern is regulating ALL my hormones from within, as much as possible, rather than tweaking estrogen and progesterone to give the appearance of health when that really might not be the case. I actually don't WANT to artificially regulate flow or cycle length -- that's information I need. That's the downstream version, if you will, of what's happening hormonally.

In other words, a regular period is a monthly assay test that tells me if I'm on the right track. Anything that would interfere with that period -- be it to cause the period or prevent it -- will keep me from knowing whether I'm truly healthy or not.

If I have to tweak something I prefer to use metformin to regulate insulin sensitivity. Starting at the top of the hormone pyramid, if you will. Even if fertility is not a concern, PCOS is essentially an insulin problem -- and that doesn't go away once the babies are had. I hear SO MANY ob/gyns say, oh, why bother with metformin if you aren't TTC? And I think that is SO stupid and SO dangerous, with lifelong consequences for women with PCOS.

And most HCPs think I'm nuts for that. I think I'm really fucking smart. :)

Man, that needs to be a post with citations and stuff.

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