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April 18, 2012


That is nice to know, I am doing a good job being that kind of grandma at the store! I was chatting up a family in line yesterday. Told them their children were beautiful and I wanted to eat their daughter with a spoon. when they told me that they were 3, 2,and 1, I said, oh you must be tired! they both agreed, they were very tired.

The year my daughter was three and I was teaching 13 year olds all day was CRAZY. There was no escaping irrational, emotional limit-testers.

no kidding! i've probably told you this story: i was with micah, age three, at infusion. he pushed some one year old off the kid chair he insisted was his, and she hit her head. howled. her mom was rattled, but kind about it all. i was mortified. left with micah just as soon as i made sure the little girl was ok. as we walked aaaalllllll the way through the coffee shop to get outside, a woman in maybe her fifties came running up behind me, calling after me. i was sure she was going to call me out for my son's terrible behavior. instead she said, "i just want you to know i think you are doing a terrific job. i have four kids myself, and it can just be so hard. hang in there." i have no idea who she is, but i'll never forget her, and i aspire to BE her.

that was just what i needed to read! my oldest is 13 and parenting her is kicking my ass and how!

Wonderful post, I really love that lady too, may we and all our blogging pals grow up (grow old?) to be her!

wonderful comment by marta too! :) I still remember when I "met" Marta in your blog's comment section, then drove all the way to Mt.A to meet her at the LLL meeting. Sigh. (that was before it moved to that store, the only time I went at the old location). Linton still was in a bucket car seat (or wasn't he? I don't know! my memory doesn't work, I should consult my diaries). Wow... that was LONG ago! 7-8 years.

If you ever see that lovely lady again, please give her a big fat smooch from me.

I want to be the one in Marta's story. I'm going to look for opportunities.
(And did Daphne come down with a fever after? The good behavior always seems to presage illness ...)

You are not kidding! My daughter has been kicking my husband's and my ass every single day. However, she is incredibly charming in the store because she lovey loves all the old ladies giving her complements. I would LOVE to say to someone "she looks really good now, but you should have seen her screaming bloody murder before we left because I would not let her take her lovey to the store and I insisted she wear a coat, because it's WINTER!" Who is this sweet girl in the cart? Because she's not my daughter. I would have hugged that kind woman and cried on her shoulder.

Amen! I'm not sure my daughter would have survived 3 years old if I hadn't been able to send her to my mom's for a couple of weeks in the summer!

We are all going to start prowling Jo's supermarket in hopes of running into that woman and showering her with, I dunno. Myrrh? Bourbon?

Or we could just start NOW to be like her and like Marta's kindly stranger.

I actually just got to talk to a coworker about bath refusal (It's not you, coworker!).

Really? Because I thought four was harder.

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Thank you so much for sharing these!

Thanks so much for sharing this post! As the mother of a three year old, I can really relate.

It is interesting to note (from the praientetson) that the goal is to have the Eglinton-Crosstown-Scarborough LRT running from Jane to Scarborough Centre, with a note that an EA addendum is required for the extension. That almost clears up the question of whether the LRT will be going to Jane or not. They are only launching the tunnel-boring machines for the Midtown tunnel segment (from Black Creek to Laird) in 2012. Steve, can you just confirm that they are boring a single tunnel or twin tunnels? Once the EA Addendums (addenda? are completed, accepted and gazetted, will they simply have the TBMs continue on to Jane and Kennedy?And if that is the case, I suppose they will have to then relaunch the TBMs (from Jane east to Black Creek and Kennedy west to Laird) to complete the missing tunnel segments? How much time will that take?Steve: There will be four tunnel boring machines. Two will drill east from Black Creek and two west from Leaside (the exact location is to be determined) with the intention of meeting at Chaplin Station which is a point where the line is very close to the surface. That gets us to late 2014 in the construction schedule, by which time details of the design for the outer parts of the line will be known, and the TBMs can shift to the extensions of the original segment. The big question still unanswered is the handling of valley and river crossings.Well, at least if the LRT does go underground as far as Jane, some of the concerns of residents of the Mt. Dennis (Weston & Eglinton) area would be resolved. I'd still much rather see the tunneling guaranteed through that area as opposed to Eglinton east from Laird to Kennedy.Also surprising was the need for an EA for the Eglinton West yard at the old Kodak lands. I would have thought that would have been completed some time ago. Also, do you know if they would need to keep both yards operating? Or is McCowan still likely to be closed?Regards, Moaz Yusuf AhmadSteve: Both the Kodak yard site and McCowan are still in the plans. The problem with the Kodak EA approval is that it is for a different version (surface) of the route that will now be built. Putting the LRT undergound changes both the Weston station design and the gradient and/or alignment for the yard access, and that means an amendment to the existing EA.

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