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June 05, 2012


Damn, I want half a cheesecake and a xanax. A pint of ice cream and a Lexapro just ain't the same. So when do you see the bona fide shrink?

I'm glad you got the proper referral and I hope you get the proper care too. Wow... 52 comments to the original post... I didn't comment, but I hope this one can count too. I commend you for sharing your experience, it really resonated with A LOT of readers, including me.

Before I figured out a couple of years ago that I had ADHD I just figured that I was also a "really bad person"... just messy and disorganized and lazy and beyond repair. Neuro-behavioral or mental health conditions have nothing to do with being good or bad, but it's very hard not to pass judgement on ourselves, I know about that first hand.

It looks like you really enjoyed your cheesecake! ;)

I've only got unsweetened almond milk and ibuprofen. The party is so not at my house.

Glad you took that first step.

Wow, cheesecake makes you totally lucid and creative. I'ma go hav some now.

Glad you went. Now keep going.

If you get tired of "Dear DIARY!" may I suggest "Sweet vernal grass!"?

I hope you not only ate but enjoyed the cheesecake. Meds need a chaser. That's just science.

Hi Jo,

I just wanted to say that - I don't know - I value you. I value your wisdom and your humour and your sense of your place in the world and your humility and perserverance to get help even in the midst of luxury. Also being crazy undermines none of that for me. Also - I'm thinking of writing an article on the psychological damage being on top of an inequitable social system does to the "winners." I just don't believe that this many of us have a medical problem (not that social/historical problems can't be helped by drugs - so no disrespect to taking medication at all - but the CBT I suspect is the truer path - but I'm a historian so predisposed to see solutions there rather than in the medical world). Also I'm crazy too. Right down to the overly happy and excited many plans and the frozen inaction cycle.

Perhaps we should create a support group for the husbands so they don't divorce us?

Solidarity sister,

Cat from Canada

So you said you didn't want to be comforted/helped/reassured, and I am totally not doing that right now, by being here, a fellow human being, recognizing that this is a tough journey we're all in together.

The cheesecake fzeeres well, I will bake a cake and donate part of the gap, or freeze some for another day. Baking / Pastry requires precise measurements, cooking times and the size of the pan. If you really want to try sharing the recipe, bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. You can also check the Internet for cheese cake, which uses the same ingredients, but made a smaller cake.

Apologies for the late reply girls... Had puppies yeaedrtsy and I was horrifically ill on Monday! Mwa love you all [email protected] haha! Same as... So don't worry ;) @Lu Thanks! And *sighs* it was my own fault. The bloke did brake very hard though. My poor car :(@LaDonna - Just a bummer on my NCB.... I had 3 years! Dam it! 500 excess.... 700 tax bill in Jan too.... what a fun time for [email protected]&Lipgloss Thank you ;) [email protected] Yay! I know! Will pop them up.... Im dribbling already ;) xxxxI wish you ALL a fabulous Christmas ladies, and I hope you get what you wish for ;) xxxxxx

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