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June 19, 2012


Or, you can wait for the meds to kick in before doing any more clothes shopping, then go to the store, find yourself buying the same clothes the reasonably sane version of you would buy, and contentedly treat yourself to an Orange Julius while reflecting on how manageable bipolar has become.

I can't guarantee it'll play out that way. For instance, it's gotten pretty hard to find an Orange Julius. Sometimes they're colocated with Dairy Queen. Ah, there's one at Opry Mills Mall. Or the trileptal might not be as effective as we hope, by itself. Whatever, throw an atypical antipsychotic at that bitch and watch it listen to reason in a hurry.

Dan will you tell me stories more often? I like these stories. And that you looked up Orange Julius.

"throw an atypical antipsychotic at that bitch " -- just good advice in general. I think I want it on a t-shirt . . .

our new cat, who came to us with the name caesar, and who is orange, has been given the full name orange julius caesar haas-steiner-rose [haas is the last name one of micah's good friends who sends micah home with cans of cat food for caesar).

i know this is apropos of almost nothing but it's what i've got.

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