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July 31, 2012


Triumph indeed.

yep. and today it was ME who needed to read YOU. thanks. really, i needed that.

I'm sorry, really really that you lost the first thing because I know how it feels. and it's more than horrid.

as for creating... I don't really create, the writing in my blog sucks big time and the stats show it, but I do it for myself. What I know a little bit about is academic writing. Writing a whole phd dissertation or shorter academic papers. That feels AWFUL too... the editing part and the getting feedback parts indescribably painful. So, yeah... I would assume that about my kind of work but not of creative work in general, but I guess it's all the same and it's all painful. I'm glad Angel shared that with you. It looks like it helped!

and now I'll go comment on the earlier post because there were some parts that I really loved...

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