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August 16, 2012


ikr??? is this what they call "life balance"?
It's like 'oh, so you think maybe too much with the east coast flooding? okay baby--take these western wildfires--that'll even things out." Except it almost works, a little. More often, 'pulled to pieces' was the metaphor that I reached for.
At least, as fine as everything ever can be.
You've got this.

May I please steal your new mantra? Because I found lice in Miss M's hair yesteday and really need to believe that EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE FINE.


but yeah, everything **is** going to be just fine!

It sounds like everything is going to be fine. So glad.

this too shall pass. one of my co-workers presented me with a chart the other day of the types of stool. She is a WOCN and is supposed to use that to document each type of stool she sees. Types 1-7 for the interested. I will be happy to scan it to you so you can imagine exactly which version you plan to shit out at which moment.
So much of nursing school is mind numbing idiocy but it does get better. Eventually you will stop wanting to stab sharp objects into your eye and will be obsessively fascinated by what you have learned. To the point that when you go to the movies, you will look at actors forearms and determine which gauge needle you would need to put an IV in them and if you would actually need a tourniquet or not.
Patience young grasshopper. Your problem is that you have too much life experience and the thought of flashing your thong to patients is so utterly ridiculous that of course you would never do it but the young little ducklings that are in class with you are so clueless, they actually have to be told that. Trust me, I taught health assessment 101 to freshman nursing majors at Georgetown for a semester. The day we did breast exams, I had to have a come to jesus moment with them all to grow the fuck up. I was like you all have touched them at some point, get over it and be professionals!.

email me anytime to vent :) you will love it and rock it and the patients will adore you!

Gosh, what antidepressants are those?

Sounds like good stuff.

And everything is going to be fine. Nay, more than fine. Free pap smears! What more could anyone ask???

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