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Then why do I feel compelled to blame my red-bearded husband for the porcelain-white skin of our baby who I fear will burst into flames during his first midwestern summer? Why must he have shared his genomic fair-skinnedness? Couldn't he have kept his pale C, G, T, and A out of it and let me give the more moderate medium complexion to both of our children? Won't someone think of the children?

So can my daughter not sue us then, for blessing her with the absolute most potently explosive combination of both my husband's and my genes? No? Whew! Thanks for the info, Jo.

I had no idea that my drunken escapades in college were experiences akin to the beauty that is childbirth! I can't tell you how much richer my life is for this information.

Amen to genetics not being moral failings. Of course I'm sitting next to you turning a similar shade of blue as we wait for socialized medicine, but what the hell.

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