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Everything I'm thinking of is the exact opposite of what you're asking for. I really hope, for example, that my tendency to put everything into piles is not genetic because I don't want to pass it to my children; alas, it probably IS genetic, since my father does it too. Or maybe I learned it from watching him? I hope that's it. And that I can curb my pile-happy messiness before the little ones notice.

My sense of smell, please tell me it's genetic. If there is a whiff of stray cat pee I will crawl around on my knees until it's found. Candles are cloying. My mother in laws perfume affects me so bad that when she watches my son, once he's home, I have to bathe him and change his clothes to get rid of the smell. I can even tell when my husband is *ahem* feeling particularly randy just by his body odor. It's a delicous smell too and always has the right affect on me. I always say it's phermones, but who knows. I can even smell it on other men just passing me in the grocery store or something. SO weird and embarrasing.

I want to know which parent to blame for my annoying ability to remember lyrics to cheesy songs and old TV commercials. Just the other day I was singing an old Halsa shampoo commercial. "Halsa hair, discover your highlights! Halsa hair, discover your glow!" I might be able to understand complicated math and physics concepts if my brain wasn't full of this crap.

My father (and his mother) suffered from a profound inability to get any lyrics right, ever. They sang with great gusto, but substituted either random phrases or nonsense syllables ("ta-da" was a favorite) for a good 25% of the words. I share this dysfunction - my version of Camptown Races has been known to make grown adults weep.

I hope it's genetic, because my father and grandmother are both gone now, and I'm married to someone who possesses basically total recall for all songs everywhere. I would like to think my son will someday be able to join me in a rousing rendition of The Weather Outside Is Ta-Da, but that's pretty much only going to happen if it really is genetic.

My total inability to get a good night's sleep - though I more want a cure for that than to find out who to blame.

I hope my inability to touch suede without having to lick my fingertips afterward is NOT genetic- but since my sister can smell colors and all- it probably is.

I'm secretly hoping that making painfully bad puns are genetic! Although I don't know if it matters, because if my dad is World Champion of bad puns, Stick would take second place, so either way, I'm kind of screwed...

I would be interested to learn whether it is in my genes to continuously surround myself with piles of stuff. Even when cleaning I seem to have to leave little piles of this and that in my wake. WHY?

That thing, where I can remember in excruciating detail every embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me, but cannot remember a shopping list of more than 2 items? Please don't let me pass that down!

I really hope my laziness is genetic...it would give me a good out for the state of my kitchen.

I'm hoping my total lack of balance and coordination is not genetic. So far it looks like my son has escaped following in my footsteps, and my fingers are crossed that the next child is equally lucky.

What? Just one weird trait?

Well, my eyelids sweat when I eat something really sweet. Is that weird enough?

There's also "the eyebrow", which anecdotal evidence (as seen in my father, grandfather, and both daughters) seems to suggest it's not only hereditary, but dominant.

I wonder if my ability to cross my little toe over the one next to it is genetic. I mean, I know I had to work hard to train it do that, but I have always had better control over my toes than most people. Like I can move just my little toes independently of the rest of them. Everyone always seems shocked that I can do that.

I hope my ability to sunburn only in patches and then get really itchy isn't genetic. I'd like to think I'm unique in that discomfort in my family.

Will I pass down my ability to turn over (both ways), curl and four-leaf-clover my tongue to the offspring? Can it tell me if I was meant to be taller genetically (I feel like I was supposed to be a tall girl, but I'm simply a bit above average...and now my sons are both looking to be tall)?

I like to think that how gassy as well as how much a little bit of sweat can make us reek is a cruel genetic joke on my Sister and I.
Her husband has little to no body odor even after his daily runs. His farts don't smell! Sister and I clear rooms with our gas, we don't share a similar diet. She is a pescetarian and I am a carnivore. It is a dream of mine to be able to blame gas on genetics.
Lowbrow and embarrassing enough? I can only hope.

I wonder if my deep, unconquerable desire to pick at hang-nails is genetic. I hope it is, because that way I won't feel so guilty for not being able to control myself. :)

I'm barely making the cutoff...woohoo! Ok, so embarrassing trait that I hope is genetic? I usually hope that all my "bad" traits are not genetic so that my children will not inherit them, but I suppose if I blame my genetics then I don't have to take responsibility.
So my embarrassing trait is that I don't have any talents whatsoever. When G-d passed out talents, I got skipped. I'm o.k. at a few things like cooking or crocheting, but even though skills are mediocre at best. My sister in law taught herself to crochet and by the end of the week she was better than me. My mother (who is an expert at crochet) taught me when I was 12 (I'm 36 now). I can't play an instrument, I can't dance, sing, or scrapbook. I'm not athletically inclined, not extremely intelligent, not beautiful, and can't make pie crust to save my life. I keep hoping that one day I'll find my talent. :)

Two interesting quirks that I'd love to know the genetic background for: my penchant for everything bagels with strawberry cream cheese (shared with my full brother, but not half-sister, and 75% of my first cousins, also with a set of second cousins on my mother's side, but vehemently disliked by all relatives in my mother's generation. Some weird recessive trait?), and my LACK of song-identification abilities. My mother and brother have an uncanny ability to name any song, from absolutely minimal information (The answer to "What's that song, you know, with the words?" shouted from upstairs, with no context, is "Bob Dylan's Subterrenean Homesick Blues," FYI), while I am the kid who calls home to say "Hey, what is that song that goes, 'me and Julio down by the schoolyard?'"

My excessive desire for salt. My father shares it too, so I gotta figure it's a sodium channel thing.

Please tell me that my inability to conduct small talk is genetic and that my son is not the same way just because he watched me and learned his social cues from me. Please let it be genetic.

I was absolutely cursed. I have hyperhydrosis (unusually active and stubborn sweat glands) and I was born without a sense of smell. So I know I'm a sweaty freak, but I can't even tell if I stink half way through the day. Bless my husband for always sniffing my armpits.

I hope that my very annoying habit of mimicing the accent of the person with whom I'm speaking is genetic because it's actually embarassing. To think I might have passed this on to my son makes me sad.

People generally think I'm making fun of them, but no, I can't control myself! I break into a southern drawl when talking to my Alabama in-laws and into a NY accent if speaking with someone from the Bronx. I don't even realize I'm doing it and it drives ME crazy, can you imagine the poor Bostonian that starts a convo with me? Poor thing.

I inherited two things from my maternal grandfather. When I have had a particularly sweaty day (now that I am perimenopausal, that is damn near every day), my pits smell just like my grandfather did in the summer. That isn't a great way to get all nostalgic. I also inherited his snoring. Loud, long, obnoxious snores that are really not attractive.

I suspect that my genome analysis would turn up a tendency toward lactose intolerance. Dude, it's not my fault I fart a lot. It's GENETICS.

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